Happy New Year from Hussey Seating

It's the end of 2012, a good year in many respects for Hussey Seating.  Our Clarin acquisition took hold as we started up production successfully in Maine, and added 70 jobs (make that 70 new and  talented folks) to our workforce here.  We installed several of our brand new MXP platforms, with fold-down Quattro chairs, in what is clearly the finest available system in the industry today. We have had a good year in the international arena, with big projects in Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, U.A.E., and more.  And despite the continuing slump in the US school construction market, we contine to find ways to innovate, add value, and grow market share.

We are  blessed here with a terrific workforce, great products, a factory with lots of capabilities, and a distribution system that cannot be touched.  My ancestors deserve a lot of the credit for helping us get where we are today, and family and management today are motivated to keep this going for the next generation to eventually have their turn at the helm.

Hopes and wishes for 2013?  I hope that we have finally hit the bottom of the school construction market, and we begin to see increasing activity to follow the rebounding housing market.  There is a LOT of pent up demand for new schools, that need new seating, and we won't be greedy, but just asking for some decent growth this coming year.

I hope we will see some sanity and common sense compromise come to our elected representatives in Washington D.C., and that we can get a fiscal climate that enables us in the private manufacturing sector to invest for the future.  We have a lot of opportunities in front of us, and my wish is that we will successfully take advantage of these.

I also hope that more customers than ever will get to experience the unique Hussey Seating brand of customer service and quality.  In our niche of spectator seating, we have incredible expertise that we bring to bear on customers' needs, and we have tens of thousands of customers who know our track record of life-long service and quality.  I hope we will continue to delivery on that value proposition to many more!

And my final wish is for peace, love,  and kindness to be shared throughout the world, and for senseless violence, envy, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, and pettiness to find no room to grow or be present.

Happy New Year!

Tim Hussey

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