There is no finish line

Last week our Leadership team was at an offsite planning session, and we were treated to a private talk by one of Maine's top CEO's, and one of the best leaders I know.  He shared his philosophy on resilience, winning, people, Maine qualities, and continuous improvement.  He translated this last theme, of continuous improvement, with the phrase:  "There is no finish line".  I loved it.  This speaks to me of lifelong learning, always striving for better, never giving up, and recognizing that we are on a journey, not racing to a specific destination.  

Here at Hussey Seating, our 177-year history has been an incredible journey, and there really is no finish line - we work very hard to continue our legacy and our values for as far as we can see.  And our culture is one of never being content, but rather of always working to improve customer satisfaction.

We are moving forward, always, but recognize there is no finish line.  The reward is in the moment of forever learning and improving.

Tim Hussey