Hussey Seating - Happening in Asia

I am back from a 2 week whirl around Asia.  I have been traveling there for over 25 years, and never tire of it (okay, maybe two weeks of chopsticks is enough).  The atmosphere is exciting, it is forward looking, the people work incredibly hard, and are incredibly warm.    I didn't hear the word "recession" once!

I visited Taipei, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore along the way - all very modern cities, all growing, and all with LOTS of people.  Shanghai has 20 mm people now - and countless construction cranes working to accomodate more.

I visited with a number of Hussey dealers and reviewed opportunities for new seating business.  The competition is much different in Asia, and there are many challenges around cost, leadtimes, and specifications.  But the Hussey brand is strong, we have a good base of installation references, and our factory in Ningbo is a huge advantage.  This year we have had exciting projects booked or installed in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and the Phillipines, to name a few.  We are having our best sales year in Asia in some time, and I expect that to continue to grow.

Our factory in Ningbo is impressive as always; most important are the people there that have such a desire to succeed and to please.  The work ethic is remarkable.

I amnow glad to be back in North Berwick, and ready for Thanksgiving.  And I have a lot to be thankful for!  Best wishes.

Tim Hussey