Patriots going to the Super Bowl!

I was fortunate to be at Gillette Stadium yesterday for the win against the Ravens.  Very exciting of course - we were standing for just about the entire game, and there was lots of noise in that stadium!

The Patriots have been a model of how to take good talent, and mold it into a remarkable winning franchise.  When players like Sterling Moore, a cast-off from other teams, can make game-winning plays, you know that the system and the culture of the organization is a differentiator.

And of course, sometimes the opposition makes mistakes, and if you are persistent and resilient, you can come out on top.  I almost feel sorry for Billy Cundiff!

I hope our company, Hussey Seating, can find ways like this to win as well.  When the team makes the difference even if one player is having a bad day.  When we are persistent and professional and determined, and come out on top!

Bring on the Giants!  (I was at the Super Bowl in Phoenix when the Giants won, and it is time for redemption!)

Tim Hussey