Social Media's Texas-sized marketing impact

Social media today is an absolutely core marketing strategy in the toolkit of many of America's largest and most successful corporations. Millions of dollars are invested in crafting the right strategy, implemented with sophisticated software tools  to execute the campaign, gather the metrics and provide the analysis to measure the ROI.

Then there's the rest of us. The ones with lean marketing budgets and small staffs, or those with leaner marketing budgets and no staff. The ones who don't have the luxury of allocating some staff time and some discretionary dollars to test drive a marketing channel for a few months or quarters just to see how it performs.

Many of us play follow-the-leader by default, following new trends in marketing techniques, watching the rate of adoption and retention by those corporate giants.  We hold our nose and jump into the deep end once it looks like a particular strategy has gained sufficient traction to steal time and money from one of our established marketing channels.

And that's why you find a company like Hussey Seating – a manufacturer of telescopic gym seating, telescopic platform seating for arenas and event centers, auditorium and performing arts seating, portable seating, fixed learning system and multi-purpose seating, telescopic staging etc. – investing time and money in its Social Media presence. Here on our blog. On Twitter. With our own Facebook Page. On our YouTube channel and on Flickr. With more coming soon on our next generation website.

The dynamics of connecting with your audience have changed, and most people have become quite adept at eluding advertising. We're a world of people who know how to find what we want - we Google it. So we need to make sure that when you want to find gym bleachers, auditorium chairs, Clarin portable seating or Perma-Cap bleacher seating upgrades, that Google sends you to the right source – Hussey Seating Company or one of its exclusive dealers throughout the world.

That's a message I've been sharing with our dealers every chance I get. And since these folks are some of the sharpest businesspeople you'll ever meet, I'm not a bit surprised that many of them have jumped in with both feet. That said, the way our Texas dealers, Dick and Dennis Norman at Specialty Supply & Installation Company, have embraced this strategy is especially impressive.

The Seating Pros

Dick Norman
Dennis Norman

Dick and Dennis may not fit the profile of your average FaceBook fan (nor do I, for that matter), but they're savvy businessmen who recognize an effective marketing tool when they see one. Check out their FaceBook page and website, and keep an eye on them as they roll out their blog (pressure's on now, Dick!) and future social media tools.

That willingness to stay current and stay in touch with their audience is just one reason why Specialty Supply battles for top Hussey Seating dealer honors year in and year out. Of course, unmatched seating expertise and experience, and great product lines from Hussey Seating don't hurt either ;)