Clarin is coming!

Here at Hussey Seating, we continue to be very excited about our recent Clarin Seating acquisition.  After about 10 weeks, we can say there are no negative suprises, and some nice positive ones.

We knew we were getting a great product line with a terrific brand pedigree.  What we didn't know was how good the Clarin people were.  Their two primary sales managers, Steve Luttazi and Mike Slater, are on the Hussey team, as are Sarah Brennand and Eric Baum, Marketing and Materials Managers respectively.  The rest of the Clarin team in Lake Bluff Illinois continue to have an amazing attitude and work ethic.

We are also gratified to see the sales momentum.  Orders are flowing in nicely, and the Hussey dealers are starting to get engaged as well, adding to the opportunities list.

We also are pleased with ideas for new products.  More on this in the future!

Clarin is coming to North Berwick Maine, beginning the first of October.  We will be relocating the operation here in existing space, and making this happen between October 1 and December 15.  It will be done very carefully and thoughtfully, and we do not expect to have any interruption in supply.  We are hiring new talent here in Maine to support this, and will end up with over 50 new jobs - a very nice thing to do here in Maine!

Stay tuned for more in the future....