Maine is OPEN for business!

Big news today - Hussey Seating has acquired the assets of Clarin Seating of Illinois. This is a winning combination for school, sports and entertainment venues. Clarin, a company with very strong brand equity in its markets, offers Hussey the potential for significant growth in and beyond its core markets.

“This is an opportunity to capitalize on the strengths that Hussey and Clarin bring to the table and invigorate both brands through our expertise in manufacturing, product development and sales & marketing,” says Tim Hussey, President and CEO of Hussey Seating. “Hussey, Clarin and most importantly our customers all stand to benefit.”

From a business standpoint, Hussey and Clarin are ideally matched. The two companies focus on the school and sports facility markets, create complementary product lines, have compatible manufacturing requirements, and share a reputation for quality.

As many of you already know, Hussey Seating,, produces a wide range of seating solutions for schools, stadiums and entertainment venues. Fans cheer from Hussey bleachers around the corner and all over the world. The company has a world-class manufacturing facility in North Berwick, Maine, which produces more than a half-million seats a year and has the capacity for many more.

Clarin,, is best known for producing portable seats (known in the industry as “Clarin Chairs”) that are found in gyms, arenas and entertainment venues such as theaters and casinos. Clarin also manufactures fixed tabletop learning systems used in schools K-12 through college.

While ours short-term plan is to continue manufacturing Clarin products in the Chicago area, at least through the end of the summer, we'll eventually move this operation to our facility in Maine. “We plan to implement changes carefully and respectfully over the coming months, communicating with Clarin staff early and often to ease the transition,” says Tim Hussey.

“Now that our dedicated team has put this acquisition together, the real work begins. We recognize that we have a lot to learn and many factors to consider with this acquisition, but we’re confident of making exciting new inroads in the marketplace.”

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