The Hussey / Clarin combo

Our press release announces our purchase this week of Clarin Seating.  I can give a bit more of the background here.


Hussey Seating's brand stands for quality, reliability, and long-term commitment to customers.  We have been looking for ways to leverage this brand, with other products and possibly in new markets.  The Clarin acquisition does just that.


The basic Clarin product was developed and introduced by Werner Clarin in 1927, and has proved to be the industry's strongest and most reliable chair.  Just this week I visited a major Clarin customer who showed me a product they bought in 1950 that is still being used!  This value of quality and high performance is a perfect fit with the product lines of Hussey Seating.  The market leadership position for Clarin in arenas, convention centers, and stadiums also meshes perfectly with Hussey's position.


Clarin has done a superb job over the years.  And with our ownership, we can bring even more - our financial strength, our marketing horsepower, our marketing prowess, and our manufacturing capability.  All these will help grow the Clarin brand and product lines further, and lead to more customer satisfaction - and help Hussey continue to grow as we open our next chapter in our long history.