The Hussey Brand is Stronger than ever

When we are on the inside of our Company, we don't always get the market's perspective.  I had the opportunity a fewweeks ago to spend time in the marketplace.  I visited several trade shows and had great discussions with architects, contractors, and building managers; and I also visited several long-standing customers who have had our seats for many years.

I was pleased at the almost universal reaction I get when I introduce myself to architects or contractors or other industry participants whom I may not have previously met.  After sorting through all the feedback in the last month, here is what I think we stand for in our market's eyes:

  • A family business that has a great history and legacy
  • A seating supplier with tremendous expertise and talented people
  • A company of integrity that has the right values and supports its customers for the long term

This brand and reputation has been built up over many years, and is not one we take for granted.  We must work at it every day, and we do.  But it's not easy to copy, and I am humbled that our heritage and the people that came before us have brought us to this position.

In this recession, it is sometimes easy for customers to go to the low bid, or buy for short-term reasons - and many do.  But fortunately, we continue to find significant numbers of customers who value our brand and what we promise.

And I promise we will continue to deliver on that!