Spring is almost here!

As the weather warms, it seems our sales activity also heats up.  We are seeing a nice order flow this month.  Although the K-12 school market continues to be depressed, we seem to be increasing our share. Our famous Hussey dealer network is scrambling to get every order they can, and we are providing them with aggressive pricing, and the best product offering in the industry.  Our service as well is a step up from everyone else (if I do say so myself!).  We are on time and responsive, and totally get this market.

I am happy to say the college and municipal market are picking up, a bit earlier than I expected.  College facility work went pretty much on hold when the recession hit, and after a couple years there is pressure to build again.  We just received a great contract for an athletic center at Loyola University in Chicago, and one for a stadium at University of South Dakota.  And there is lots more pending as well.  

So as spring is coming, I have eternal hope!