Seating - the old and the new, the classic and the modern

Yes, new school construction is way down, and perhaps hasn't hit bottom yet.  But there are thousands of schools that simply need new seats - and here at Hussey Seating we are seeing a growing demand for seating replacements.  Many facilities are doing smaller scale renovations, which often can include replacing gym bleachers or auditorium seating.

Older school auditoriums are quite interesting; though there is a demand to replace obsolete and worn out chairs, in some cases the client and the architect prefer to maintain a nostalgic feel for the auditorium.

The wonderful aspect of the Hussey Quattro auditorium chair system is that it can be designed and installed to be the cleanest and most contemporary theater or auditorium chair available in the marketplace; or it can be configured the most classic or nostalgic auditorium style.  The style and treatment of the end standards, so visible in the aisles, are the real secret here.

Two recent Hussey Seating installations perfectly demonstrate Quattro's versatility:

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East High School in Wichita, KS (above) is a gorgeous performing arts seating installation.  The building is a classic, and so are the Hussey Quattro chairs. Check out the nostalgic cast iron end standards, and the high backs with wood veneer finish.  New auditorium seating that's comfortable and well built, but fits with the retro design.  Outstanding! For more views of this job, visit the photo gallery of this job on our website,

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Even elementary schools can get into the act.  Southside Elementary School in Cairo, Georgia (above), is an older and more traditional theater space, with wonderful hardwood flooring.  The Hussey Quattro performing arts chair once again fits this space with the cast iron nostalgic end standards and beautiful wood veneer chair backs. You'll find more views of this facility in our website photo gallery as well.

So while the economy may dictate a renovation versus new construction, it's clear that the choice of seating can breathe new life into an existing auditorium or performing arts space, and that the Hussey Quattro auditorium chair can be suited with ease into a variety of applications - performing arts, auditoriums, courthouses, lecture halls, arenas, and even stadium seating.  Check out for more photos and details.

That's why we refer to Quattro as "Different. By Design."

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