You can find innovation anywhere - even in a gym bleacher!

Hussey Seating Company was literally founded on innovation – a breakthrough plow design in 1835 that made Hussey the one of the world's leading agricultural implement manufacturers for the rest of that century. In the 176+ years since our founding, we've continuously reinvented ourselves and our product offerings, most recently totally redesigning all of our core product lines (MAXAM telescopic gym bleachers, Quattro auditorium chairs, Fusion stadium seats, MXP telescopic platform and Concertina portable stages) since 2000.

But innovation doesn't always take such drastic form – sometimes it's as simple as solving an issue that's annoying a customer:

You'd think innovation would be hard to come by in a product as commonplace as a school gym bleacher, right? It just goes to show that if you listen to your customers and stay committed to improving your product to meet their needs, you just might come up with "An Athletic Director's Dream".