Being a seating expert - in action

Why buy from Hussey Seating?  What is our "value proposition"?  When we ask customers that question, some things we hear are:  "reliability"; "great products"; "great people".  But more often than not we hear "they are the seating experts".  We like all of these, and these characteristics of our company have been developed over many years, andover millions of seats installed.  But we work hardest at being the true seating expert.

I spent a day in the field last week, here in Maine, visiting clients and installations.  And I saw first hand, in action, how our expertise really plays out for customers' benefit.  I saw a large Maxam gymseat installation at Bangor High School that had just been installed.  The administration there loved our ability to spell the team name in the bleacher face; the easy-to-use handicap seating, Flex Row; the optimization of seat count (after replacing a 40 year old Hussey bleacher that had more seats!); and they loved how efficient the installation crew was.

At University of Maine, the Varsity Hockey Coach and the Athletic Director told us they LOVED the re-seating project (Fusion and Courtside) we did at Alfond Arena.  This was after 14 months and 12 different versions of different seating solutions.  We just keep working until we found innovative ways to balance seat count, chair type, sightlines, and cost.  They have some more projects they want us to work with them on now that this is complete.

I also saw two lecture halls that have our newest product offering, Clarin Learning Systems.  We replaced some old seating with a beam-mounted Meridian chair with tablet arms.  Our expertise gave them the solution they needed to meet capacity, student needs, and cost - all done with no hassle.  

I ended the day at a school in Brewer,where I visited an auditorium with 600 Quattro chairs.  Our expertise contributed to a unique color pattern with fabrics; accomodations for an orchestra pit; the best aisle lighting solution possible; and great sightlines.

Our business is not a commodity, and I am glad of it.  Expertise in action - that's the value we bring!