A bleacher safety education doesn't have to be costly

We're all familiar with the quote – "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance" – and it applies particularly well when it comes to gym bleacher safety. There are literally millions of indoor & outdoor bleacher seats installed all across North America, and all too often owners take a "buy it & forget it" approach to their spectator seating. Since many of these units have a practical lifetime exceeding 30 years, inattention and neglect can create some serious safety and liability issues over time. One serious injury to a spectator due to a lack of regular inspection and maintenance will be a very expensive education indeed.

Fortunately, there's a much less costly way to gain that education and avoid that risk. Mark Beaulieu, who heads our HusseyAdvantage team, is a nationally recognized expert on telescopic gym bleacher maintenance, repair and safety. He recently offered a free webcast titled "Bleacher Safety: Inspections, Maintenance and Risk Management" in conjunction with SchoolDude.com that was attended by over 400 school facility managers and athletic administrators (you can watch the webcast here).

Mark gives these presentations often around the country, and his reviews are always glowing – these school facility professionals are happy to get the benefit of Mark's experience and expertise and lower their risk exposure and liability. In fact, Mark will be a featured presenter at this year's NIAAA/NFHS Athletic Director's Conference December 9-13 in Indianapolis, IN. Mark will be presenting a conference workshop titled "A Facility “To-Do List” to Minimize Risk", focusing on all aspects of telescopic gym seating safety, bleacher maintenance, inspection and parts.

If you can't make it to that conference, just contact Mark here and he'll be happy to discuss your facility's telescopic gym seating inspection maintenance, repair and safety program to ensure you never have to learn the hard (and expensive) way about bleacher seating safety.