There's no shortcut to good SEO

It's done. Our shiny new website,, is officially launched. 

Since there's one core function for a business website – make it easy for customers and potential customers to find and buy your products – we were to determined from the start of this project to do it "right" from an SEO (search engine optimization) perspective:

  • Get help to ensure that we were SEO from a content standpoint
  • Start with a clean sheet of paper and build a site that was completely SEO from a code standpoint
  • Choose a platform that would make the creation and posting of engaging content – by users throughout the organization – not only possible, but fun and easy

We accomplished the first item with the help of a fellow Maine company, Flyte New Media. President Rich Brooks is an accomplished social media guru, and he and his team worked seamlessly with our marketing team to ensure our vision was executed with attention to every search engine optimization detail, from keyword-rich copy, to blog strategy, interface design, social media tools, Google AdWords and more. We had done our homework and came to the table prepared – and the Flyte team was able to build on our foundation and make the end product even better. If you're serious about getting better search engine results, check out Rich's blog or visit their website or Facebook page.

We accomplished the latter two goals with our choice of the SquareSpace Content Management Platform. We love the clean, easy-to-use editing environment for non-coders, the secure hosted environment and outstanding performance. SEO code generated automatically, and mobile device friendly  as well.

Having made these good choices, it was still a heck of a lot of work to get the site launched – and that's only the beginning of our SEO challenge. In a way, now comes the hard part – creating engaging, captivating content on a regular basis, the kind of content that users want to link to, to subscribe to, to Tweet about and re-post in their own social media channels. 

Challenging, sure, but we think we've created a solid foundation on which we can build. I'm eager to hear whether you agree.