Keeping perspective

The Patriots lost to the JETS???  WHAT?? How could they?  This was to be one of the best Patriots' years in recent history.  Brady was playing in his own stratosphere, the young defense was inspiring with big plays, and Belichick is the greatest coach ever, having his team prepared, disciplined, and ego-free.  But the Jets, with the loud-mouthed coach and big ego's everywhere, shocked New England last night.

Sigh... It goes to show, the pundits, with their confident predictions, really don't matter.  You have to play the game! That's what makes sports, and life, fun - the unpredictability of it all.  Little things  - a dropped pass, or a poorly thrown ball, or a missed block - can turn a game.  Damn...


  1. Don't get cocky, or assume the past will predict the future.  

  2. Execution is paramount.  We can KNOW what to do, but DOING it is what counts.  Concentration and attention to every play matter.

  3. It's sports, not life.  It's fun getting emotionally involved in our favorite teams, but our life goes on today in the real world.  We are making seats today in North Berwick, our kids are learning new things in schools, non-profit agencies are working to make the world a better place, and our troops are in distant lands fighting for freedom from terrorism.  Let's keep it in perspective.

And let's hope the Steelers pound the Jets.