Our Dealers are Coming!

Yes, Maine is a great place to visit in September.  So nice, in fact, that we invited 140 of our friends and partners - that is, the Hussey dealers - to come join us for a few days.

We have dealers coming in this weekend from around the world - from Texas to Thailand, Minnesota to Mexico, Pennsylvania to Peru.  We will give the full Maine hospitality treatment - golf, harbor cruises, lobster bake - followed by several days of intensive training on new products, new software tools, new sales techniques, and lots more.

The Hussey dealer system is the best in the world for selling educational equipment.  They are the real experts, and we here at Hussey invest quite a bit of our energy at helping make them the best experts anywhere when it comes to seating.

They also really are our friends and our partners, and we are very excited to be hosting them for three days plus.