No place like home (Maine)

I got back late last night from three days traveling in the midwest.  Beautiful weather, friendly people, and plenty of factories - most surrounded by farmland.

But this morning I was on the beach near my house at sunrise, with a gentle breeze and soft waves lapping the shore.  It's a beautiful September day, and I am glad I live here!  This is one of the nicest spots in the world to live, but sometimes we take it for granted.

September and October are great times to visit Maine. The foliage hasn't really started to turn yet, but soon.  And in the meantime, we have warm days, cool nights, and fewer tourists than July and August.  Come visit us.  Here at Hussey Seating, we have a factory we are very proud of, a brand new showroom, and lots of world class pride at what we do - and it all happens to be in a very nice place!