A Glimpse at the Hussey Seating Heritage

One of the many wonderful things about an anniversary, is that is does prompt you to reflect on the past and what changes or notable events have occurred during that time. In our case, this 175th anniversary gives us an opportunity to share some of our historical business stories and photographs via our Facebook fan page.

Living in a time with so many technological advancements and conveniences, it’s easy to forget how labor intensive life was in the 19th century. Seeing pictures and reading brief facts about the Hussey plow, stone boat, or even the horse-drawn gas engine cord wood sawing machine, enables us to better visualize what it was like to work off the land and use these Hussey inventions.

We’ve also posted recent pictures of stadiums and employees on our Facebook wall to celebrate our hard working employees and to demonstrate their great work.

Please take a moment to view our photo gallery on the Hussey Seating Facebook fan page - http://tinyurl.com/2wdd5h2. We’ve attached an1890 sketch of the T.B. Hussey Plow Works in North Berwick to pique your interest.