21st Century Environmental Awareness

Energy conservation and technology improvements that support 21st century green building principles are front of mind here at Hussey Seating Company. By “greening up” our facilities, products and procedures, we are measurably reducing our environmental impact.

By using energy-efficient lighting equipment in offices, manufacturing areas and warehouses, we anticipate annual savings of 312,930 kWh. This equates to the following reductions in pollutants:

  • 235 tons of CO2 - Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas and is a major contributor to global warming.

  • 3,801 lbs. of SO2 -– Some serious health effects are linked to Sulfur dioxide including asthma, respiratory illness, and aggravation of existing cardiovascular disease.

  • 1,927 lbs. of NOx - Nitrogen oxides are considered contributors to acid rain and ground level ozone (or smog).

  • 129 lbs. of visible particulate 

  • 21,592 gallons of oil saved, reducing dependence on foreign oil imports

Whenever feasible, we use recycled and recyclable materials in our seating products. For example, our popular Courtside™ bleacher seats are made from 100% recyclable materials.

We also provide environmental documentation to help with LEED project certification. We’ve gone to great lengths to create product sheets that indicate how Hussey Seating products can help contribute to LEED project certification.

Another small, but notable, example of our environmental consciousness is the “no idle” policy for trucks while they are loading or waiting for a load. This not only saves on diesel fuel; it minimizes exhaust.

Today, the environment at Hussey Seating Company is eco-friendly, optimistic and thriving. “We’ve remained successful for 175 years by changing with the times and embracing new ideas,” says Tim Hussey, President & CEO. “Considering new ways to conserve energy and support green ideals is not only good for business, it makes us feel good about doing our part.”