Celebrating 175 Years and Plenty of Milestones Along the Way

On Friday, July 30, several generations of the Hussey family -- along with employees, community leaders and friends -- will gather to celebrate the 175th anniversary of this enduring company. In preparation for this highlight event, CEO Tim Hussey is updating the Hussey family history book, A Long Furrow Plowed.

Originally assembled fifty years ago by Tim’s grandfather Philip W. Hussey, Sr. and updated in 1995 by his father Philip W Hussey, Jr. this detailed history begins in 1835 with the introduction of the Hussey plow and describes countless tales of daunting challenges, ‘Hail Mary plays’ and lessons learned.

Milestones in Hussey Seating Company’s 175 year history include:

  • 1835 – Hussey Plow Company was founded by William Hussey in North Berwick, ME.

  • 1895 – Fire!  “Early on the winter morning of January 11, 1895, fire broke out in a large wooden building where plows were built and in less than an hour almost the entire plan and over a thousand farm implements, all finished and ready for the market, went up in smoke.”

  • 1913 – Philip Hussey, Sr., with father Augustine establishes Hussey Manufacturing Company to take on additional light iron work products. Brothers Arthur and William continue to operate Hussey Plow Company.

  • 1922 –  Laughing Loon line of water sports equipment was launched to build diving boards, floats, and landing piers.

  • 1930 – Hussey Manufacturing Company builds bleacher seats for the new Portland Boys Club building. After a market study, it was decided that the design and production of a modern type of portable bleacher seats was a worthwhile venture.

  • 1937 –  Hussey Manufacturers constructed the first chairlift in the East at Gunstock, New Hampshire.

  • 1950 – Civic Construction Boom: Schools, Civic Centers, and Stadiums place orders for indoor retractable bleachers.

  • 1982 – Dedicated the company to seating solutions: Hussey Seating Company

  • 1995 – 160 year Anniversary! Tim Hussey succeeded his father Phil as President.

  • 1997 – Governor’s Waste Reduction Award & Margaret Chase Smith Quality Award

  • 2003 –  Recognized as State of Maine Family Business of the Year.

  • 2004 – Named Exporter of the Year by the Maine International Trade Center

  • 2010 – 175 year Anniversary!