Architects as Advisors

Today we held our first ever Architect Advisory Council here at Hussey Seating Company.  We invited five prominent architects in our region, who work in the various markets we serve, to participate in helping us understand our markets better and to advise on various strategic options.

One was unable to attend today, but the four who did gave us incredible help.  We discussed many trends and issues that architects face today, including integrated project delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and LEED and other "green" programs.   We gained some new and invaluable perspective on how we as a manufacturer might be thinking about these trends and their impacts.

We also shared some new product ideas and got excellent (meaning honest) feedback.  And we brainstormed together some new ideas for products and services that could add value to our customers.

Here at Hussey we invest heavily in architectural selling.  Our website is designed with architects first in mind; we have drawing tools, sightline studies, surface material selectors, code expertise, and more, to form close partnerships with architects;  and we spend a great deal of our time and energy training our dealers to be the expert seating resource that can assist architects in developing the best project solutions.

We believe very strong architectural relationships are best for our business, and ultimately for the end customer.  We pride ourselves in selling quality and value in our products, and staying away from being a commodity.  This is the win-win solution selling that we think our customers deserve.

The four architects that were here today came as experts in their field, helped us with our approach to this business, and left us as our partners.  That makes for a good Friday!