Kicking off our 175th!

We just had an all-employee meeting (almost 2 hours!) where we got to truly kick off our 175th year anniversary celebration.  We reviewed the company's recent performance, got aligned on this year's plans, got motivated by our vision for the future, and recommitted to the Company's core values. 

The family legacy here is certainly not restricted to the Hussey family.  Many employees have had parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, and children all earn a paycheck right here.  This afternoon, eight families were highlighted by various employees, each with quite a unique history.  Many families had over 100 years of service here, and one had 160 years!  It was indeed moving to see the pride on display.  Part of our success has been the incredible commitment we somehow engender from our employees, and you know it's working when they encourage their family members to join us here, who then seem to give the same high level of commitment, and just make us a better place to work.  I am quite grateful, and humbled, by the show of pride, loyalty, and commitment on display this afternoon.

This was all held as the first event in our brand new showroom, which added to the excitement.  We kicked off our 175th Anniversary by handing out tote bags to all with some 175th Hussey merchandise, and getting an all-employee photo in front of the building.  And our new updated history book, "Long Furrow Plowed" was just released and distributed - it's pretty nice, if I do say so!

Big smiles all around!