Sharing Success

How does one share success? How much is credit shared? 

Our Company has had a profit-sharing plan since 1955, and today we shared the results from our last fiscal year - which were very good.  Our philosophy, starting with my Grandfather, is to share a % of our profits with all our employees - as they are the ones who worked hard, gave of themselves to our Company's goals, and have endured lean times when there weren't any profits in a particular year to share.

For lots of reasons, we had a successful business year that just recently concluded.  Not least of the factors is that we have the most talented and committed set of employees in our industry.  They are pro's, they "get it", and they show remarkable commitment to our greater purpose.  As long as we have a good business model, that usually adds up to SUCCESS - and I was very happy to hand out a lot of checks today as a reward for that. 

Now we go to work to earn next year's!