Manufacturing & Social Media

So what's a 175 yr. old manufacturer of audience seating systems doing with a blog, anyway?

The easy answer is why wouldn't we? There's a fundamental transformation underway in the manner in which consumers of all types learn about products and make their buying decisions. Increasingly, the information that consumers trust to inform that process comes from online conversations, with their peers, previous buyers and yes, even from sellers. We've got to part of those conversations, and to make our contributions honest, relevant and informative. This blog is only one part of that effort - in the coming months we'll be integrating many forms of Social Media to inform our customers and listen to their feedback and conversations.

And even though we make our living largely by bending, shaping and welding metal, Hussey Seating has always been the leader and early adopter of technological change in our industry. Design technology, manufacturing technology, and yes, even communications technology.

I've been fortunate to attend the NeoComm Forum 2010 over the past few days, and it's been an exciting and eye-opening experience learning about the ways some of America's leading companies are putting these new communications channels to work. We need to carefully assess which tools suit our operation best, but you can be sure that we'll be part of the conversation, wherever that conversation is taking place. Cheers!