Listening to Customers

One of the best dinners I have had recently was last week in Orlando.  Hussey Seating was exhibiting at NIAAA, the annual convention of high school athletic directors. It was an interesting trade show, and we got some nice attention from athletic directors looking for seating for new or renovation projects.

But far more interesting was a dinner out with five very seasoned athletic directors. Chris Robinson (our Director of Marketing) and I got to just ask a few questions, and listen to what these guys think and believe. We learned about the pressures and frustrations in their work; we listened to creative ways they continue to advance their agendas and goals; and we got to hear their passion for their profession.

We also learned more about how vendors such as ourselves can service them, and what is important.  For me, it was gratifying to hear how much they value relationships, service, and expertise.  Our corporate strategy is built on delivering that value proposition!

These are all good guys who know their profession very well.  For us, knowing and listening to the ultimate end customers that use our products every day is extremely valuable.

We plan to continue listening (and then acting on what we learn).