Phil Hobart

We lost a good man last week.  Phil Hobart passed away after a short illness. 

Phil was for many years the ultimate goodwill ambassador for Hussey Seating.  His role for us, over 30 years, included Installation Manager and Renovation and Repair Sales Manager.  Phil developed many lifelong friends in the industry through his affable nature, his love of life, and his dedication to his craft.

Phil represented so well the values of Hussey Seating that we aspire to and work to live every day.  He was as honest as the day is long; he never shied away from a problem, and he always made good on his word; and he built relationships with customers that were deep and meaningful on a personal as well as business level.  When I came into this business (many years ago now), Phil taught me, by example every day, about these values.

His friends miss him, and our industry misses him.  And I do too.