World Business Forum

I attended the World Business Forum in NY City this week.  15 impressive speakers:  Jack Welch, Jim Collins, A G Lafley, Al Gore, Joseph Stiglitz, Steve Leavitt, David Gergen and more.  Today's business and thought leaders.

My take-away's?  Here are a few.... 1.  We aren't likely to come out of this economic malaise any too soon.  Prepare for continuing weak demand. 2.  Leaders need think time.  Think how you can do that.  And get creative.   3. Winning teams take TALENT.  A CEO's #1 job is to attract, develop, and retain talent.  Assess where you are and what more you can do to "get the right people on the bus".  4.  Strategy is important - but so is execution.  Focus on influencing behaviors, there are lots of ways to influence.  5.  Have a purpose for what you do, and pursue it with passion.

Lots more too. This is a motivating session.